Who is Children’s Dream e.V.?

Children’s Dream is a nonprofit organisation, which was founded by Ange Dries-Behrenbeck,  a retired German teacher from Hamburg.

By improving education and providing water wells, she wants to give to the Cambodians a better chance in life.

On this website you get an overview of the organisations’s activities and especially the chairwoman Ange Dries-Behrenbeck’s work in Cambodia.

Foundation and Goal of the Organisation

Since experiencing widespread poverty on her first trip to Cambodia in November 2005 Ange Dries-Behrenbeck was desirous of helping locally.

By teaching English to elementary school students as well as to street children, she captured the hearts of children in a blink.

The courageous commitment of Ange Dries-Behrenbeck would hardly have been possible without the support of the organisation members, the positive publication and the numerous financial aid.

After many successful years, Ange Dries-Behrenbeck has registered her organisation in Cambodia. This helps her to support more effectively the local work and to provide new jobs. The Cambodian Hul Samnang, who worked already a few years for Children’s Dream e.V. and is familiar with the organisation’s projects, will continue his work as the chairman of the local organisation „Children’s Dream Siem Reap“ and Ange Dries-Behrenbeck works alongside him as "Project Development Manager".

Thank you very much for your interest.

Ange Dries-Behrenbeck

Chairwoman Children’s Dream e.V.

– I N F O R M A T I O N –

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“Let education be a dream come true.”